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PLEASE NOTE - BISON, Toolmex and Gator have adjusted some of their prices. Please call for current prices.

Piston Type, Quick-Change Toolpost Set
Quick Change Toolpost Set.

Set Includes:

  • 1Pc Standard Holder
  • 1Pc Boring Holder (For Smaller Dia Bars)
  • 1Pc Boring Holder (For Bars up to 3/4" Dia)
  • 1Pc Knurling Holder
  • 1Pc Parting Holder (Adjustable width)
  • 1Pc Main Block with 2 Working Stations
  • Mounting Plate and Bolt (to allow toolpost to be used with other lathes with T-Slot Mounting


  • Suitable for Lathes upto 12" Swing
  • Set Includes Adjustable Parting holder to suite Blade from 3/8" to 1/2" Wide
  • Mounting Block has 2 Working Stations.
  • Grounded Over with Smooth Blackidized Surface
Item Price
GPT-0064 $ 199
Garvin Quick Change Toolpost, Piston Type - GPT-0064

Quick Change Toolpost Set


  • Center reamed hole of 8mm and can be machined further to suitable size.
  • Ideal for smaller lathes. Only 1-1/4" high with a tool capacity of 1/2".

Economy set consists of:
Block; Allen Keys;
Standard Holder; Boring holder.

Item Price
GTP-0001 $ 45.
Garvin Quick Change Toolpost - GTP-0001

4 way Toolpost
4 Way Toolpost

Ideal for Myford lathes.

Center reamed hole 7/16". Precision ground body.

Size: 2-3/4"x2-3/4"x1-3/8"

Item Price
GTP-0002 $ 45.
Garvin 4 way toolpost fits Myford - GTP-0002

Quick Change Toolpost
Quick Change Toolpost Set.

Ideal for Myford lathes.

Size: 58x58x37 mm
Center bore: 11.2 mm
Lathe Capacity to 89mm

Set Includes:

1 Block
1 Tool bit
1 Spanner
2 Allen keys
2 Standard Holders
1 Parting Holder (for 3/32x1/2 blade)
1 Boring Holder (for bar cap. 12mm)
Item Price
GTP-T37 $ 165.
Item Description Price
T37-1 Standard Holder $ 25.
T37-2 Parting Holder $ 30.
T37-3 Boring Holder $ 25.
Garvin Quick Change Toolpost fits Myford - GTP-T37

2 way Toolpost
2 Way Toolpost

Ideal for Unimat lathes.

Single piece construction. Black finish. Precision ground.

Size: 35mm x 24mm x 24mm with 4mm bore diameter.

Item Price
GTP-0052 $ 25.
Garvin 2 way Toolpost fits Unimat lathes - GTP-0052

Parting Tool Holder


  • A Very rigid Construction
  • Manufactured from Hardened Alloy Steel. Precision Ground & Blackodized Surface
  • Suitable for 3/32x1/2x4” Parting Blade
  • Includes 1 blade.
Item A B L Price
GPT-0044 10mm 15mm 55mm $ 25.
Garvin 2 way Toolpost fits Unimat lathes - GTP-0052

Parting Blade


  • 3/32x1/2x4"
Item Price
GTB-3902 $ 11.


Quick Change Tool Posts

Mini Quick Change Toolpost Set

Easy to set up on the lathe.

Two Quick Change Toolholders can be mounted on the Toolpost at the same time.

Perfect for Myford, Maxi-Mat V10, Prazi Lathes.

Toolpost & Toolholder bodies are made of fine quality still, case hardened and ground.

Can be used with: 6-890-510, and 6-871-524 sets.

Item Type Description Price
7-196-00T0 4414-48 48mm Tool Post $ 195.
7-196-9448 4494-48 T & F Toolholder 72.
7-196-9548 4495-48 V-Groove Toolholder 72.
7-196-9648 4496-48 Cut Off Toolholder 110.
7-196-00T1 ----- 4 pc. set, Toolpost and 3 Toolholders 410.

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